Conference: AMERICA LATINA Contamination / Contagion / Symptom

University of Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland
Organized by
Liliana Gómez (UZH)
Eduardo Jorge de Oliveira (UZH)
Latin American Center (LZZ)


Nov 24 – 25. 2017

The metaphors and concepts of contamination and contagion are inscribed into semantics of the abject as well as into imaginaries of the threat of infections. They shape the symbolic, spatial and social orders and their respective affects. ‘Contaminations’ are both lived and conceptualized today as complex environmental, cultural, political and historical situations in which the catastrophe would be the last level of representation. We seek to bring together theoretical interventions and art research that draw on new reflections about (meta)cultural, epistemic models and the diverse materializations of contamination, contagion and symptom that identify emergent critical positions, agencies of residues of the past of societies and cultures of or in relationship with Latin America.